Sunday, April 8, 2012

Looking Back on the Weekend That Was

Well the first series of 2012 for the Blue Jays is in the books and as fans I don't think that we can be overly disappointed.  A record breaking Opening Day that saw the Jays fight back in the ninth inning to tie it up, then win it in the 16th.  Game two consisted of two strong pitching performances from each team's starter, both of which winding up with a no-decision as it was the Indians this time who tied it up in the ninth to force extras.  The game was decided by the bullpens in the twelfth inning when a double from Rajai Davis drove in two, to seal the victory.  Followed by a game three which the Jays dropped but only by one run.  Let's face it, if Toronto were to actually win two out of every three games all year we all will be pretty darn happy.  So when you look at the scorecards and the standings, things are looking pretty good for the boys in blue.

However, if you watch what's happening on the field and in the dugout, it's even more exciting.

Jose Bautista hitting his first home run of the year on Opening Day.  Kelly Johnson and JP Arencibia each going deep as well.  Edwin Encarnacion smacking three doubles and performing a pretty snazzy shuffle and slide dance in the dug out.  Five players with three or more hits in the series.  Some great defensive plays made.  Rasmus is hustling and made a great diving catch.  Rajai Davis is stealing bases.  Most of our relief staff looked strong and showed us what kind of depth Toronto has coming out of the pen this season.  Lots of smiles, high fives and leaps up from the bench. 

This is a young, excited, motivated group.  They think they can win. 

They're fun to watch.

Buckle in kids, it's gonna be an exciting ride!

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