Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well, I did it again.  After a posting which promised a bald head in the coming days if a Cliff Lee trade were to be consummated (which quickly became my second most widely read posting on this site by far) I went missing again.  For what I believe to be my longest absence to date.  Were it not for a post written by Andrew in late August this site would have been completely dormant for over three months.

Not a word on the disaster which was the second half for the Toronto Blue Jays, or the manager leaving town immediately following the season's end when his "dream job" came available.  Nothing about Canada's dominance of their qualifying pool for the World Baseball Classic.  No mention on the playoff race or on the World Series, of which I saw at least parts of every game. 

I leave myself wondering why I hold on to the hope that I will someday actually write on a regular basis about what I believe to be the greatest game we know.  Why don't I just give it up?  Admit that I'm not going to make time for it and let it go already.

When I started this blog, I had such high hopes for it.  After having my wife, some friends, and a radio host from a Toronto Sports Radio station all tell me I should start one.  I finally decided it was a good idea.  I had planned to cover not only the Blue Jays, but baseball in Canada as a whole.  On all levels.

Since starting the blog, I've traveled to Cincinnati to cover Joey Votto being presented with the Tip O'Neil award.  Wound up with my photo all over the internet.  However never got around to posting anything about it in a timely matter.  When I did have one written, it was weeks later and I wasn't happy with it.  I never bothered to put it up.  I've gone to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame the last two years to cover the induction ceremonies.  Then didn't write about it either time.

This summer I was fortunate enough visit five different ball parks, not counting spring training.  One of which was Wrigley Field, at a game where I was able to go down on to the field before the game.  I didn't share any of it.

Why?  Well, I could list lots of reasons,  come up with excuses.  No time.  Not following closely enough.  Can't remember what I wanted to say.  Didn't have a computer with me... etc. etc. etc. 

The real reason, honestly, is fear.  Fear of sounding like I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  Fear of being wrong.  Fear of being criticized.  Fear that postings will sound like they were rushed, or written for the sake of writing something.

I don't express as much opinion as I should, or give my baseball intuition for fear of being wrong, or sounding cocky.  For example, I knew that the Giants would win game 1 of the World Series.  I came home and gave my wife several reasons why Detroit would lose game one, and why if gambling on single sporting events were legal, we should have been taking out a loan and betting it all.  I didn't write it down though, just in case I was wrong.  I wasn't.  The thing I was wrong about is that I thought it would at least be a close game.

So I've decided this is it for me.  My last kick at the can.  I'm giving this one more try and if I don't stick with it, I'll call it quits.

I'm taking a new approach though.  I'm going to start speaking my mind.  Making predictions.  Calling out General Managers or coaches.  Telling you what I think.  Inviting Criticism.  Writing only about things I want to write about, and leave the reporting to other people.

If it fails, it fails.  If you don't like it, tell me.  If you do like it, well, tell me that too.

I started this blog because I love baseball, and I love writing about it.  Just took me a while to remember.

So here goes nothing.  I hope you'll check out what pops up on here in the coming months.  I hope you'll like it too. 

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what you write. Bring it on!