Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cliff Lee Joins Halladay in Philadelphia

    Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels as your top four?  Not too shabby!  Very early this morning ESPN.com, The New York Post, and the Philadelphia Inquirer were all reporting that Lee has chosen the Phillies over the Rangers and Yankees.  The deal is reportedly worth $120 million over 5 years.  Congratulations Clifton, and a heartfelt thank you from Blue Jays fans for NOT choosing the Yankees!

     This does beg the question though, what do the Yankees do now?  Even if AJ can rebound from last year, and Hughes keeps developing as he should, there are still two large holes in that rotation.  If Anyone is concerned that the Yankees may pursue Greinke as a consolation prize need not worry.  The Yankees  don't have the prospects to get Zach to New York.  Even if they did, it's probably a non-issue.  Greinke has a history of anxiety problems and apparently he and the Yankees are both in agreement that they are not a fit for one another.  The Yankees are also on Greinke's list of teams that he won't accept a trade to.

    I'm happy that Lee has joined Halladay and Hamels in Philadelphia.  However is it wrong that I am almost giddy because he DIDN'T sign with New York?  Hee hee hee, Christmas came early!!!



  1. Wow. Nice rotation. And no, feeling giddy is exactly how you should feel. Nothing leftin free agency for NY. Lets see how they trade haha. AJ is done. Hughes is a 3 at best. Now its CC and.......

  2. I feel I must comment because as a fellow blogger, I know that getting comments is fun! So, great blog, even though I feel like I'm reading Greek! I totally need to get Kenny to give me a primer. :-)