Thursday, December 8, 2011

Albert Pujols and CJ Wilson Sign With The Angels

A month ago, I wrote that I thought Pujols would stay with the Cardinals, and Prince would go to the Cubs.  It appears I'm going to be wrong on both counts.

The team I said "might" be a factor, turned out to be more than just a factor.  Today the LA Angels of Anaheim signed Albert Pujols to a ten year, $254 million contract.  A quarter of a billion dollars over the next ten years...  Pujols current career earnings are at $104 million.  So assuming that he retires at the end of this deal at 41, he will finish his career having earned a whopping $358 million.  A ten year deal with a no trade clause...  What is the baseball world coming to?  What makes the whole situation seem  even more insane, is that the Florida Marlins reportedly offered him $275 million for ten years, without a no trade. 

But the Angels weren't done yet.  They also signed free agent pitcher CJ Wilson to a five year, $75 million contract. 

No word on who Prince will sign with yet, but it appears the Cubs won't be his landing spot.  The Cubs have said that they won't be able to afford him.

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